This Week’s Winning Facebook Image!

© Rob Van Avery "Brocken Spectre on Algonquin" 10/8/17 Congratulations to Rob Van Avery, for winning our Weekly Facebook Cover Photo Contest, "All Things Adirondack"! His image shows the phenomenon known as Brocken Spectre, while atop Mt. Algonquin on October 8th of this year. The Brocken Spectre appears when the Sun is low behind a … Continue reading This Week’s Winning Facebook Image!

The Adirondacker’s Partner’s Page

Help support The Adirondacker’s Partners, in any way you can! If your organization shares similar goals as our partners, and would like to become a partner, and receive a free plug on our website, send us a letter of interest, via private message on our Facebook page, or email us at: Follow this link … Continue reading The Adirondacker’s Partner’s Page